8th European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO 2021) by Synomic Academy

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Since 2012, the European workshop on software ecosystems (EWSECO) is bringing together top researchers and business people from tech companies to discuss business networks, platform business models and software ecosystems.

“The European Workshop on Software Ecosystems is a great meeting of minds to discuss the impact of software ecosystems on business today. A platform strategy needs to be high on the agenda for CIOs and this workshop takes the right steps in this direction.”
Sangeet Paul Choudary, CEO of Platformation Labs and Co-author of international best-seller Platform Revolution.

The workshop will take place on April 29 2021 and for the first time this year, it will offer virtual participation, so you can enjoy the content of the workshop online in the safety of your home office.

EWSECO 2021 attendees are e.g. from:
Corum M&A, E-3 Magazin, ESSEC Business School Paris, Ingram Micro Cloud, Kaufland, Management Center Insbruck, Ory.io, SAP, Schwarz Group, Startup Heatmap, T-Systems,Technical University Darmstadt, Tricentis, University Munich, University Utrecht and other companies & universities.

EWSECO 2021 Keynote by: Rolf Schumann, Chief Digital Officer of Schwarz Gruppe

Topics that we will cover at the workshop includes:

  • Software ecosystems
    • how are they set up and driven to success?
    • External forces – the new normal and the impact on software ecosystems
  • Business networks
    • How do business networks for transaction, innovation work?
    • How do you grow your business networks?
    • Merging business networks – does it work and how?
  • Open Source Ecosystems
    • Creating open source products and sparking developer interest
    • Developer community coordination, speed and success
    • Creation and growth of commercial ecosystems around open source
  • Platform Business Models
    • “Platformizing” existing businesses – how to be successful?
    • Business model innovation resulting in a platform business model – how to make it work?
    • What architectures and APIs are needed for platform success?
  • Growth strategies based on platform ecosystems and business networks
    • Can we grow by acquiring a platform business?
    • What are data-driven and analytics ecosystems and what do they mean for my business?

We plan to  publish the EWSECO 2021 proceedings. For more details see Synomic Academy & Research