Book – Profit from SAP Ecosystem – available

New book „Profit from the SAP Ecosystem“ from Synomic founder and ecosystem activist Ralf Meyer

Why a new  book?

Thanks to over USD 23 billion in revenue, 355,000 customers, and 87,000 employees, SAP is the world’s third largest software company. The SAP ecosystem has the largest business software community worldwide, with more than 15,000 official SAP partner companies and millions of experts.

This book is a guide to SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them. It targets management, alliance teams, sales, business and channel development. It combines latest startup methodologies with proven SAP ecosystem best practices.

Included subject matters are: SAP ecosystem overview, SAP partner models, business model design, value proposition design, design thinking, SAP solution alignment and positioning, SAP licensing and indirect-SAP-usage, partnering, go-to-market and strategy development.

On 424 pages and 173 figures, it describes more than 50 SAP partner companies, 25 business models and 22 SAP partnership models. Many cheat sheets and further tools like for example business model canvas and process playbooks help for the implementation.

The authors of this book are a team of experienced SAP ecosystem experts, who have collectively achieved the following: Work 57  years at SAP and for 282 years in the SAP ecosystem, add 46 partner products to the SAP price list, completed 65 SAP software certifications and won more than 1,200 SAP enterprise customers. Co-authors also founded the SAP partner association “IA4SP”, globalized software startups and supported M&As.

The book is available at major book stores and online under ISBN: 9783744881982 for example here:

Some facts:

  • 370.506 characters
  • 68.661 words
  • 424 pages
  • 173 figures
  • 54+ SAP partner companies
  • 40+ business model canvas
  • 22+ SAP partnership models
  • 25+ different business models