The Darkside of Open Source usage – try VersionEye for lighting

Much more Open Source risks in Enterprise Software than expected

Companies use much more open source software than they think

  • almost ALL audits finds open source (i.e. in M&A or OEM due diligence)
  • >90% finds unknown or unclear open source code licenses
  • 50% of code contains GPL
  • 33% of application code in average is open source
  • in average 100+ unique open source components in each application
  • but sometimes 1.000s or even 10.000s

Most companies have no open source management

  • less than 50% of  (larger) IT orgs have effective open-source governance (Gartner)
  • and much less of the smaller + medium size orgs
  • those with open source reporting only know aprox. 45% of used open source components

Resulting in unclear risks!

  • Security = which components have which vulnerabilities?
  • Legal = which licenses are used + how does this match with code usage?
  • Operational = which version is used + how old are they?

Solution for risk assment and automated mitigation?
=  License and Version Control plus Security Alerts

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Webinar – Best Practices beim Einsatz von Open Source im SAP-Ecosystem

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