Experton Group positions fluidOps as Rising Star 2017 for Industrial Big Data Analytics

Original Press Release and more info at:  fluidOps-WebSite

Experton Group AG has named fluid Operations® AG (fluidOps), a Rising Star in the Industrial Big Data Analytics category of its independent study, “Industry 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017”. fluidOps impressed the analysts with its applied semantic IT concepts, which provide a unique foundation for advanced analytics on sensor data.

The “Industrial Big Data Analytics” category evaluates analytic solutions and databases for their ability to process data from industrial manufacturing machines and plants as well as analyze huge amounts of complex, unstructured data. The main criteria range from proven, hands-on examples of Big Data analysis on machine data to forecasts and analytics that go beyond monitoring, for example, to pinpoint the causes of yield variances in manufacturing. In 2017, the analysts of the Experton Group identified a total of 28 relevant vendors for Industrial Big Data Analytics.

fluidOps made its debut this year as a Rising Star. A Rising Star shows high potential through a promising portfolio and the necessary roadmap that is aligned with the most important market trends.

“fluidOps follows, among other things, a semantic IT approach, which has helped it secure a very good evaluation among the newcomers,” explains Holm Landrock, Senior Advisor-Lead Advisor Big Data, Experton Group. “The strategy and implementation at fluidOps form a coherent, overall picture. Digital factory users, however, need to experience the benefits of relatively young technology concepts such as semantics and graphs firsthand – for example, through industry-specific trainings.”

“We are very pleased to be honored as a Rising Star, which further proves that we are a top vendor for Big Data analytics in Germany,” adds Dr. Andreas Eberhart, Managing Director, fluidOps. “With Information Workbench, our Smart Data platform, and the IoT Manager app on top, we cover the bulk of all use cases in this field. Thanks to our high-performance, flexible technologies, our clients can quickly make customizations at any time.”