Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017 – Why we need Ecosystem Research?

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute in Washington, D.C., USA published the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017 

The 89 pages study gives  inside on:

Why does entrepreneurship matter?
Entrepreneurs improve economies and people’s lives by creating jobs, developing new solutions to problems, creating technology that improves efficiency, and exchanging ideas globally.
What is the Global Entrepreneurship Index?

A composite indicator of the health of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in a given country based on the folowwing 14 areas: Opportunity Perception, Startup Skills, Risk Acceptance, Networking, Cultural Support, Opportunity Perception, Technology Absorption, Human Capital, Competition, Product Innovation, Process Innovation, High Growth, Internationalization and Risk Capital.

The study includes information on how the areas were measured and gives some advise for  different stakeholders: Entrepreneurs, large companies and the politics.

The Winner unfortunately is NOT Germany (on Rank 15) but the Unites States (a not too big surprise).

(C) The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) from

Especially this important areas shows lacks in the Germany’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem

  • Entrepreneurial attitudes  (societies’ attitudes toward entrepreneurship) 
  • Entrepreneurial abilities (entrepreneurs’characteristics and those of their businesses) 
  • Entrepreneurial aspiration (reflects the quality aspects of startups and new businesses)

Most room for improvement (compared to  competing countries) is in NETWORKING!

An important reason why we co-founded and still support the: European Workshop on Software Ecosystems and the International Association for SAP Partners

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(C) The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) from


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