IEEE Software magazine special issue on Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems

Platforms like Uber, Amazon and AirBnB are eating the world, so it makes sense to study how they work, how they generate gravity and how they treat their ecosystems to thrive.

This and more describes the “Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems” special issue of the IEEE Software magazine with articled by famous MIT researcher Michael Cusumano, Slinger Jansen (an academic powerhouse on software ecosystems from University of Utrecht) and Karl Michael Popp (software ecosystem expert & M&A Director at SAP).

An intro can be downloaded at:

Karl Michael Popp and Synomic founder Ralf Meyer have described the inner mechanics of Software Ecosystems and how to Profit from them in the book “Profit from Software Ecosystems” also used in this article.

A lot of software ecosystem research was also published in our “Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems”