Microsoft awarded VersionEye with $120,000 Credits

VersionEye, the reliable “Notification System for Open Source Software Packackes” was awarded by Microsoft with $120k Credits for Azure as part of the prestigious  BizSpark Plus Program.

What does VersionEye?

  • crawling more than 700,000 Open Source projects 24h x 365d written in 20+ different program languages
  • building a huge Open Source data base with more than 22,000,000 dependencies between Open Source Components
  • managing  more than 2,000,000 License information on Open Sources
  • providing well accepted services for software developers
    • in Open Source Comunities and
    • Enterprises
    • meanwhile used by 10,000s of Users
  • Most important Services are:
    • Notification on new Software Versions
    • Open Source Licenses 
    • Security Alerts