More Open Source now also for SAP ABAP developers

As outlined in articles before is Open Source Software an emerging trend in the SAP Ecosystem

Thousands of Open Source componentsare  already used by SAP, SAP Partners and SAP Customers to make enterprise business software better.

A new project shall make the live of ABAP developers better – abapGit

Open Source @ SAP Ecosystem is surely a great and positve trend.
But a proper enterprise open source management is needed!

  • less than 50% of  (larger) IT orgs have effective open-source governance (Gartner)
  • much less of the smaller + medium size orgs
  • those with open source reporting only know aprox. 45% of used open source components
  • almost ALL audits finds open source (i.e. in M&A or OEM due diligence)
  • >90% finds unknown or unclear open source code licenses
  • in average 100+ unique open source components in each application
  • but sometimes 1.000s or even 10.000s

Open Source Best Practice is:

  • Version Control = which versions are used + how old are they?
  • License Control = which licenses are used + how does this match with company policies?
  • Security Control = which components may have which vulnerabilities?

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Webinar – SAP Open Source Best Practices

and check the Synomic Academy Book
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