and the “Oscar” goes to Post Merger Integration Training (PMI2GO)

The Post Merger Integration (PMI) Training  just won the Comenius EduMedia Medal Award

Comenius Award is a prestigious price and honors outstanding digital educational for business trainings.

Post Merger Integration (PMI) is the job which ideally already starts before the M&A process starts and can make or or break an acquisition.

Why to pay millions for a target company and destroy valuation by not properly integrating it?

This post merger integration training  gives detailed information about post merger integration concepts, processes and  examples by 6 senior experts from:

  • Bertelsmann
  • Daimler Benz
  • Qiagen
  • SAP
  • Stada

32 lessons learned and 63 best practices.

For more information see PMI2GO or this video

Please also see European Workshop on Post Merger Integration (EWPMI)

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