Save the Date for 4th European Workshop on Software Ecosystems

European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO)


Save the date:
Wednesday, 25 November 2015 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CET) in Walldorf/Germany!

Business professionals and researchers come together to discuss software ecosystem and business networks topics like

  • “How do you make partner ecosystems like google apps or itunes successful?”
  • “What metrics exist for ecosystems to tell if they are healthy?”
  • “How does the advent of the Cloud change software ecosystems?”
  • “How can we view the Internet of things as a software ecosystem and what properties does it have?”

Researchers from Universities of Darmstadt, Oslo, Utrecht, Dublin, Jyvaskylä, Stuttgart, Munich and practitioners from SAP, Synomic, Deutsche Telekom, Corum M&A, mobisys and many more  will be discussing these hot topics.
20 minute presentations are followed by 10 minute discussions.
In addition, the best presentation wins the prestigious Best Presentation Award!

Synomic is sponsor of this important event and has elready published Proceedings with the workshop presentations

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