SEEBURGER AG successfully uses VersionEye to make open source usage more productive

SEEBURGER AG is a global leader for the integration of internal and external business processes (B2B / EDI / EAI) provided as on-premise and as SaaS / cloud

“VersionEye Enterprise takes the use of open source in our enterprise software development to the next level, helps optimizing our processes and makes our software development even more productive than before.”
Matthias Feßenbecker (CTO at SEEBURGER AG / )

„VersionEye Enterprise helps us to better manage the daily challenges of enterprise software development regarding productivity, security, compliance, legal requirements, and agility. The VersionEye team has implemented our requirements – even the ones we have not covered yet – with flexibility and fairness.“
Sascha Vogt / Senior-Software-Architekt at SEEBURGER AG / )


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