Startup Heatmap Europe

Check out the  Startup Heatmap Europe by Thomas Koesters

There is a lot of talk about which startup hub in Europe is the hottest – but no one ever asked the startups.

Tom and his team Startup from Heatmap Europe surveyed founders directly and published today the first data-driven research to analyze the interesting question of location and mobility of startups in Europe.

A founder is 4 times more likely to change country than a normal EU citizen. With 23 % of founders having actually moved to startup, the competition among hubs to win the potential creators of tomorrow’s  unicorns is huge.

While politicians and community builders alike create a lot of talk about the places they want to be startup hubs, the team of the Startup Heatmap Europe wants to rely more on what founders think.


  • Startup talent is hyper-mobile
  • It’s not all about money
  • Differentiation is key

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