Synomic Academy will publish “Open Source Management” book

“Best practices for commercial use of open source software”

by Dr. Karl Michael Popp

This book describes state-of-the-art business models, management processes and tools for successfully using Open Source Software in business models and as part of commercial software.

Target readers are executives, business developers, M&A experts, product managers, software architects, developers, quality managers, operations managers as well as students who want to leverage open source software.

The book covers three important topics:

  • Business model impact of open source products and open source licenses.
  • License and IP compliance aspects of open source software in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Assessment, monitoring, governance and management tools for open source software.

Authors are seasoned software industry veterans and open source experts including:

The book will be available in August 2015 e.g. via Amazon and other book stores!