Synomic published Proceedings of European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO) 2016

Proceedings of the fifth European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO 2016) are available!

The research on software ecosystems proved to be advancing very well. The goal of this event was like in the previous 4 years, to bring together the research community from all over Europe and share, present and discuss their latest research with business experts from the software industry. Research on software ecosystems still is a young and emerging field. While many researchers are active in this field, vibrant research communities still have to be built.

This is why we created the European workshop on software ecosystems (EWSECO) to:

  • bring together researchers from all over Europe to present and discuss software ecosystem topics
  • make sure that the research is mirrored with real problems in software business,
  • we invited professionals from software companies to join the discussion
  • Program committee 2016:
    Peter Buxmann, Thomas Aidan Curran, Slinger Jansen, Thomas Kude, Karl Michael Popp

Proceedings includes:

  • Roger Kilian Kehr, Huawei – Huawei Connected World based ICT ecosystems
  • Abilio Avila, KIT – Management of Partner Ecosystems in the Enterprise Software Industry:
    The Partner Selection – A Comparison of Partner Selection Criteria with Existing Literature
  • Matthias Walter, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH – How to define a platform business
    model with the platform business model canvas
  • Slinger Jansen, University of Utrecht – Ecosystem Driven Development
  • Alexander Serebrenik, Technical University of Eindhoven – Surveying Challenges in Software
    Ecosystems Research
  • Christopher Jud, University of Stuttgart – The Influence of Platforms on Software Products
  • Maximilian Schreieck, Technical University of Munich, – Analysis of Platform Governance in
    the Internet of Things
  • Dominik Dellermann, Christopher Jud – Towards Vivid Ecosystems: Configuring Costs and
    Benefits via Design Choices
  • Ralf Meyer, Synomic GmbH – Impact of restrictive legal and license conditions on software ecosystem success

Industry Sponsors:

Huawei, Amazon Web Services, fluid Operations, German Management Consulting, IA4SP, Netfira, Partner-Port, Synomic and VersionEye.

Media Partner:
We are looking forward for the media partnership with „E3 Magazin“, the journal for the German speaking SAP Community.

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