Synomic published Proceedings of European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO) 2018

Proceedings of the 7th European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO 2018) are available,   including a presentation from Synomic founder.

The 2018 Proceedings includes:

  • New Ecosystem Opportunities & ‘White space’ Opportunities in Software and High-Tech
    Peter Buxmann (TU-Darmstadt), Sebastien Dupre (SAP) and Thomas Curran
  • Data Economy, Platforms and Privacy
    Peter Buxmann (TU-Darmstadt)
  • New Cloud-Based Ecosystem Opportunities for Digital Business
    Thomas Curran
  • Uberization of field service
    Sébastien Dupré (SAP)
  • Panel on Network Effects, Data Effects & AI – Keys to the castle
    John Rethans (Apigee / Google)
  • Ecosystem Driven Development
    Slinger Jansen (University of Utrecht)
  • Design patterns for business success at software platforms and ecosystems
    Ralf Meyer (Synomic)

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EWSECO Program committee 2018: Peter Buxmann, Thomas Aidan Curran, Slinger Jansen, Thomas Kude and Karl Michael Popp. EWSECO 2018 was held as part of the First
European Platform Economy Summit
in Berlin.

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