VersionEye added 1k new users in August 2015

Impressive growth for Synomic portfolio startup VersionEye

The OpenSource Notification System VersionEye added another 1,000 new users in August 2015 to its Cloud services. Due to the growing demand for the intelligence on outdated open source components, software dependencies, open source licenses and known security issues  did the daily HTML page delivery jumped to 10k-14k or more than 270,000 in August 2015.

VersionEye notifies software developers  automatically on:

  • outdated software versions and dependencies
  • licesenses in open source components
  • security issues in open source components

Most of the cloud services are free-of-charge.

VersionEye Enterprise combines a fully integrated on-premise solution with the benefits of the cloud based database intelligence.

VersionEye is also described in the new Best Practice Enterprise OpenSource Book