VersionEye adds more Microsoft (.Net) support

Open Source becomes more and more important – also for the  Microsoft Ecosystem!

See e.g. Microsoft Spreads Open Source Love With .Net Core 1.0

The VersionEye team consequently added support for .NET Nuget and already monitors

  • more than 70,000 open source projects from 
  • all together more than 1 Million!

 VersionEye can monitor project.json and *.nuspec files on

  • GitHub,
  • Bitbucket and
  • Stash
  • GitLab support is planned for the next coming weeks

Value for the for the Microsoft Ecosystem?

  • open source transparency (e.g. reports)
  • automatic version control (notifications)
  • automatic license control (incl. white lists and build termination)
  • fine granular security alerts (from trusted sources with minimum false positives)

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