VersionEye goes open source

VersionEye is the popular platform for software developers,

which notifies about out-dated dependencies, security vulnerabilities and license violations in  software projects. This makes agile software development more productive, reduces problems, risks and ensures compliance.

The VersionEye SaaS solution is used by thousands of software developers every day, and the number of visitors and users is growing constantly.

Why open sourcing the code?

Open sourcing VersionEye provides much more transparency, because many users care a lot about privacy and transparency. Up to now VersionEye Enterprise was a black box delivered as VMWare image without any root access for the customer. For many big companies this is an issue because they don’t know what’s really happening inside of the black box. As more and more big companies are rebuilding their entire infrastructure with open source components like Linux, Archiva, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes and GitLab, as less they want to have proprietary black box software. Now VersionEye is open source under MIT license and everybody can use the software for free, just like CoreOS, Docker and GitLab!


Nobody has to have fear any longer that VersionEye is doing any unauthorised activity, like copying source code, exposing confidential data or causing any harm. Everybody can simply go to GitHub and review the code. Being an open source project means to be fully transparent and trustable. Since VersionEye is open source nobody is questioning statements to privacy anymore.


Plase see the comments at Reddit.