VersionEye supports JFrog Xray to make the software development process and the usage of Open Source components more productive and reliable

JFrog Introduces Xray

“JFrogs is a global provider of infrastructure for software management and distribution. Solutions like JFrog Artifactory and Bintray are used in more than 50,000 installations by millions of developers around the world.”

“JFrog Xray is the first universal impact analysis product, providing an unparalleled level of understanding about  container images, software packages and binary artifacts.”

“JFrog Xray includes the VersionEye technology and database. VersionEye, a startup company based in Mannheim, Germany, improves developer productivity through a system that tracks open-source libraries and alerts developers in real time to key information such as security vulnerabilities, license violations and outdated dependencies.”

“VersionEye technology monitors over a million open source projects on a daily basis,” said Robert Reiz, CEO and co-founder of VersionEye. “Integrating the VersionEye technology with the JFrog platform creates an unparalleled capability for deep understanding of the quality and provenance of the software components organizations depend on. JFrog has leveraged its Universal approach, supporting all type of components, into a leadership position with its artifact repository and addresses a real community pain with JFrog Xray. We are excited to be part of the solution.”

See JFrog Press Release for more details