Synomic published together with our academic and industry partners a growing number of books on software industry specific topics such as: 
Business Models in the Software Industry, Software Ecosystems, IP Management, Partnering with SAP, Open Source Software and Mergers & Acquisitions. 
Books are available thru major book stores and distributors such as e.g. Amazon, mostly also as Kindle or iBook.

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Profit from the SAP Ecosystem

This book is a guide to SAP ecosystem opportunities, challenges and how to successfully manage them. It combines on 400 pages startup methodologies with SAP ecosystem best practices, including business model and value proposition design, SAP solution alignment, go-to-market, and much more. The authors collectively worked more than 50 years at SAP and 250 years in the ecosystem.

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Partnering with SAP

gives interested readers an overview of the many options to partner with SAP. It outlines the details of the different partnering models and gives down to earth advice of how to establish a partnership with SAP, no matter if you are business software or a technology company.

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Zuliefernetzwerke und Partnermodelle in der Softwareindustrie

This thesis (in German language) outlines the reality of business cooperation’s, analyses them on the basis of popular economical theories and verifies them in interviews with a number of larger and smaller software vendors.

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Profit from Software Ecosystems

This book is about ecosystem mechanics and how to generate revenue through ecosystems and partnerships in the software industry. Topics include: economic foundations, value chains, business and partnering models as well as examples from Google, Microsoft, SAP etc.

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Student Workbook for Profit from Software Ecosystems

As a companion to the textbook „Profit from software ecosystems“ this book presents additional literature and work tasks for students and academic researchers.

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Advances in Software Business: A Reader on Business Models and Partnering

The software industry shows high growth, high margin business models. Successful companies in the software industry drive their business with partner ecosystems.

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Intellectual Property Modularity in Software Products and Software Platform Ecosystems

This book examines the impact of Intellectual Property (IP) modular architecture on software products and software platform ecosystems. 
It also demonstrates the connections between IP management, software architecture and the respective business models of software product or platform providers.

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Mergers and Aquisition in the software industry

For mergers and acquisitions in the software industry this book lays the foundation for successful due diligence. Based on methodological foundations, a business model driven approach for due diligence is presented. The key difference between this book and other due diligence books: this bookfocuses on a business model driven approach, M&A processes, M&A organization and software industry specifics.

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Best Practices for commercial use of open source software: Business models, processes and tools for managing open source software

This book describes the state-of-the-art of creating open source based business models and of managing open source in the development cycle of commercial software and during due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. Practitioners and consultants created this book to help professionals in the software business like executives, business developers, product managers, architects, developers, quality managers, development operations managers as well as students to get acquainted and proficient in using open source products in a commercial context.

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Books: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems