Synomic @ European Workshop for Software Ecosystems (EWSECO)

Synomic founder talked at 5th EWSECO in Walldorf – Where Science met Business Subject of the presentation was: “Why even successful large Software Ecosystems need professional representation like International Association of SAP Partners” Some 40 Researchers from Universities incl.:  Turku / Finland, Bamberg, Karlsruhe and Stutgart / Germany as well as researchers from Holland plus… READ MORE »

Microsoft awarded VersionEye with $120,000 Credits

VersionEye, the reliable “Notification System for Open Source Software Packackes” was awarded by Microsoft with $120k Credits for Azure as part of the prestigious  BizSpark Plus Program. What does VersionEye? crawling more than 700,000 Open Source projects 24h x 365d written in 20+ different program languages building a huge Open Source data base with more… READ MORE »

Meet the Synomic team at the following Software Industry Events

“International Association for SAP Partners (IA4SP) e.V Annual Meeting”, November 17th at the Leonardo Hotel Walldorf, Synomic founder and managing partner Ralf Meyer will talk about “SAP Partnering Best Practice“ Synomic associate partner Thomas Kamper and Dieter Wolf will run a workshop on successful “Partner Recruiting Strategies“ More information “European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO)… READ MORE »

E3 Magazin Artikel – Semantische Plattform von fluidOps für die IA4SP

In der aktuellen November 2015 Ausgabe des E3 Magazins wird von Synomic Gründer Ralf Meyer der auf der semantischen Plattform von  fluidOps basierende InfoHub der Internation Association for SAP Partners (IA4SP) e.V beschrieben. E3-Magazin Artikel fluidOps IA4SP

Join Synomic at IA4SP Workging Group & Annual Member Meeting

The International Association for SAP Partners (IA4SP) e.V. has it’s Working Group and Annual Member meetings on 17.11.2015  from  9:30 at the Leonardo Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn), Walldorf, Roter Straße. Synomic will present and discuss: Partnering Best Practices and i.e. how to successfully find and recruit partners in the SAP Ecosystem More details at the… READ MORE »

Synomic supports EWSECO 2015

The European Workshop on Software Ecosystems is an annual event which connects researchers and fellow professionals in the field of software ecosystems. Wednesday, 25 November 2015 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CET) in Walldorf, Germany Previous sessions include e.g.: How to find the Best Buyer in M&A, When Ecosystem Investments Fail, SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development,… READ MORE »

Best in Cloud Innovation Award 2015 goes to fluidOps

Congratulations! fluidOps (world) leader in Semantic Cloud & Data Center Management won the Best in Cloud Innovation Award 2015 This is in particular great, as fluidOps was already finalist in 2013 and also in 2014 plus winner in 2013! Best in Cloud Finalist 3 years in row, is very exciting (not only for a start-up… READ MORE »

VersionEye added 1k new users in August 2015

Impressive growth for Synomic portfolio startup VersionEye The OpenSource Notification System VersionEye added another 1,000 new users in August 2015 to its Cloud services. Due to the growing demand for the intelligence on outdated open source components, software dependencies, open source licenses and known security issues  did the daily HTML page delivery jumped to 10k-14k… READ MORE »

Synomic client fluidOps is “Best in Cloud 2015” Finalist

for English version please click here Die Computerwoche hat gerade die “Best in Cloud 2015 Finalisten” veröffentlicht. … und Synomic Kunde fluidOps  ist wieder Finalist … wie auch in 2014 … und auch schon … in 2013 … da war fluidOps auch WINNER :-) In 2015 treten wir mit unserem Kunden KIVBF und deren „Cloud4School“… READ MORE »

Save the Date for 4th European Workshop on Software Ecosystems

European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO) Save the date: Wednesday, 25 November 2015 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CET) in Walldorf/Germany! Business professionals and researchers come together to discuss software ecosystem and business networks topics like “How do you make partner ecosystems like google apps or itunes successful?” “What metrics exist for ecosystems to tell if… READ MORE »