Synomic client fluidOps under “10most innovative SMEs” by EU Commission

“EU Commission releases list of top 10 most innovative SMEs in ICT” “The first Innovation Radar Report reviews the innovation potential of ICT projects funded under 7th Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, to demonstrate the economic impact of EU grant funding.” List of top 10 most innovative SMEs in ICT “The… READ MORE »

Synomic client SecurIntegration M&A by USU-Group

Our startup client SecurIntegration, specializing in SAP license optimisation and SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) was successfully acquired by the USU-Group to support its Aspera License Management Portfolio. Quote from Usu-Group Press Release: “USU Software AG has acquired SecurIntegration GmbH, an SAP license optimization specialist based in Cologne, Germany. The technology and expertise of… READ MORE »

Synomic Academy – published 10 books

Meanwhile Synomic Academy published successfully 10 “Enterprise Software Ecosystem” books – including the EWSECO 2013 + 2014 proceedings. Goal of the Synomic Academy is to provide Software Industry inside such as i.e. on Alliances, Ecosystems, Partnerships, Go-to-Market, Open Source, SAP etc. for both Universities and Business. Synomic closely works with researchers and experienced business experts…. READ MORE »

America Growth Capital (AGC) Conference

AGC London 2015 was a very interesting Investment Conference for innovative startups in the City of London, next to Westminster. Amazing was the British Queen who did not attend but passed on her way to the House-of-Parliament for the opening note ;-) There was a tremendous interest in fluidOps game changing semantic cloud management and… READ MORE »

SAP-Partnerverein IA4SP wächst weiter

Die International Association for SAP Partners e.V. (IA4SP) wächst weiter. Der Verband konnte im letzten Geschäftsjahr 38 Neue Mitglieder gewinnen. Auf dem Jahres-Kickoff der IA4SP im Heidelberger Schloss war Sven Lange, Leiter Partner Ecosystem SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, von der positiven Entwicklung äußerst angetan. Axel Mattern, Vorstandsvorsitzender der IA4SP, und Frank Bayer, Arbeitskreissprecher… READ MORE »

Mannheim, San Francisco, Berlin, Mannheim

VersionEye founder Robert moved from Mannheim to San Francisco to Berlin and back to Mannheim (read article about opening of new office at founder center Mafinex)  

Lost of partner & friend

With deep regret and sorrow  do we have to report that our great partner and friend Gianmaria Odello, from Milan, Italy passed away Wednesday, March 4th, 2015. The entire Synomic team will miss Gianmaria! For more details please read the TBK Blog    

VersionEye joined Microsoft BizSpark

We supported our startup VersionEye  – which provides an clever update and notification service for software components incl. open sources and software licenses –  to join the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Program. Synomic is very happy that we also managed to onboard VersionEye directly into the prestigious BizSpark PLUS Program which is available on an invitation-only basis. One major benefit… READ MORE »

Synomic with new Web Presence

Dear Customer, Partners and Friends! We finally launched a new and fresh version of the Synomic Web site and hope you like it like we do. Please do not hesitate to contact us if anything is missing or not correct. Big thank you to our  great team from Plan33 at the Mosel river! Greetings Ralf for the entire Synomic… READ MORE »