Synomic already supported successfully a number of international software companies and startups from Germany, EMEA, North-America and APJ. Please read below what customers say about Synomic.

Global customers since 2007

Synomic Customers

Synomic Reference Customers


CERTIVOX is a UK and USA software startup providing a highly innovative, robust and easy to use Security Solution for the “Post-Password Internet”.

“Ralf from Synomic supported us as a Business Angel during our critical business strategy and planning phase. We also leveraged Ralf’s great network to recruit our first Venture Capital investors and get industry analyst inside.”

Brian Spector / CEO and Founder / CertiVox


CLUSTERSEVEN is a City of London based highly specialized software startup, managing model risks and end user computing applications (mostly spreadsheets) to gain better governance at lower costs. Typical customers are large banks, insurance and global oil companies – mostly headquartered in Europe and North America.

“Synomic supported us between 2008 and 2013 in various business development areas including but no limited to: SAP Ecosystem Strategy, Go-to-market in Germany and with SAP, partner recruiting and direct sales.”

Ralph Baxter / CEO and Founder / ClusterSeven


CONET is a successful provider of IT solutions for the public sector as well as for private industries and i.e. for the SAP market. CONET consulting services were complemented by highly innovative software solutions that allow for a seamless integration of the leading enterprise collaboration suite Lotus Notes/Domino with the SAP world.

“Synomic supported us in our US go-to-market strategy planning for the CONET Weaver Suite for SAP NetWeaver. We could leverage Ralf’s long years of experiences in the software industry, with SAP and the channel business in the USA.”

Bernd Fiedler / Director Channel Business / CONET


Emporis is a leading global provider of building related information used by hundreds of enterprise clients and ten thousands of people all over the world. Emporis created an innovative business model leveraging smart combinations of Web 2.0,communities, SaaS and classical business models.

“Synomic supported us successfully in our last fundraising round where we managed to win a leading German venture capital house to back our global growth strategy. Ralf Meyer from Synomic supported us also in 2007 and 2008 in a number of strategic areas including: sales strategy, implementation of product management and important processes. His deep software industry experience, his network and open pragmatic approach helped us a lot.”

Stephan R. Boehm / CEO of Emporis

HR Access (Sopra HR)

HR Access Solutions (now Sopra HR) is a provider of human resources management and payroll solutions. HR Access software and services are distributed and provided directly or via channel partners worldwide.

“In charge of International Alliances at HRACCESS, Payroll/HCM solutions, we worked closely with Synomic to accelerate our market penetration in Germany. Synomic structured an adapted and tailored approach including, a market study, a mapping of potential partners in line with our go to market strategy. They supported us to find & recruit the right partners who helped us developing our business significantly.”

Yves Racineux / International Partnership & Alliances/ HR Access Solutions


Libelle – The High Availability Company – is an established solution provider for high-availability, disaster recovery and homogenous SAP SystemCopies located in Stuttgart, Germany. Over 450 customers worldwide trust in the intelligent Libelle software solutions to protect and recover their business-critical data as well as automate and optimize their SAP SystemCopies.

“Synomic supported us in our SAP Ecosystem strategy definition & execution.”

Lars Albrecht / CEO Libelle


NETFIRA is a software startup that provides innovative e-Procurement and e-Commerce solutions and business network adaptors using an easily downloadable, secure App that allows enterprises of all sizes to connect and interact with their customers and suppliers in real-time.

“Synomic supported us in our SAP Ecosystem and go-to-market (GTM) strategy planning for the Netfira – SAP: Real Time electronic SME Supply Chain enablement solution. We leveraged Ralf’s long years software business model and SAP Ecosystem strategy experience for our global GTM.”

Reinald Schneller / Managing Director / Netfira

Nolio (CA)

Nolio is a leading innovator of Application Service Automation software for deploying and managing applications across the data center.
Nolio’s application release operations software reduces time-to-market and makes enterprise operations cloud ready.
Customers – including enterprises, online service providers and SaaS providers – rely on Nolio Application Release Operations software to automate application deployment, maintenance, remediation and recovery processes – delivering Zero Touch Deployment™ for continuous releases.

“Synomic supported Nolio at the German go-to-market (GTM) and was instrumental in closing Commerzbank as the first enterprise customer in Germany.”

Doron Gerstel ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO) Nolio.

Nolio was acquired in 2013 by software titan Computer Associates (CA).


SecurIntegration are specialists in SAP license optimisation and SAP GRC. The SecurIntegration flagship product “Software-License-Compliance (SLC)“ brings total transparency into SAP license administration and helps to better manage SAP licenses, ensure compliance and to optimize the licensing process.

“The Synomic team supported founder and management in various strategic areas, including the redefinition of our corporate strategy and the implementation of a new go-to-market (GTM) concept. Dieter from Synomic in particular did a great job in improving our sales strategy and processes. He was also instrumental in closing a number of significant important new business opportunities for us, both direct and indirect via partners.”

Guido Schneider / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder / SecurIntegration

StreamServe (Open Text)

StreamServe is a leading provider of enterprise business communication solutions. Simple to deploy and maintain, the company’s dynamic composition, document process automation and enterprise output management solutions meet the demanding challenges of today’s global businesses for producing and delivering highly customized documents in any format. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Burlington, Mass./USA, with 14 offices worldwide. StreamServe serves more than 5,000 customers in 130 countries, primarily in the financial services, utilities, manufacturing, distribution and telecom sectors and more than 300 SAP customers. Since August 2010, SAP is reselling StreamServe’s solution under the name “SAP® Document Presentment by StreamServe”.

“Synomic supported us in various areas in the process of accelerating our SAP partnership to the next SAP solution extension level. Activities included support of the premium qualification process and go-to-market with SAP. The deep knowledge and long term experiences of the Synomic team helped us to reach milestones faster and the developed materials such as white papers, presentations and “cheat sheets” became valuable assets for our international team.”

Per Einarsson / Co-Founder / StreamServe

TIDAL Software (Cisco)

Tidal Software is a leading global provider for enterprise infrastructure operations and application management solutions. Tidal solutions are used by the best-run data centers in the world including Microsoft, HP, T-Mobile and hundreds of others. Tidal products improve the efficiency of IT operations and general application performance in any environment.

“Synomic supported us in a broad range of our SAP alliance management, business development and go-to-market activities in order to leverage our leading solutions for the important SAP market. Ralf Meyer from Synomic helped us to develop and exploit different SAP partnering models and opportunities for Tidal.”

Flint Brenton / CEO and President /Tidal Software

Vigience is a leading Japanese/Swiss based software startup and provider of high-quality products and consulting services in the area of cloud computing (SaaS), Mobile Business and SAP.Overcast is a cloud service (Integration PaaS) provided by Vigience for SAP add-on developments based on or Microsoft SharePoint. Developing this way is 5 times faster, costs half of the price and needs no modifications to existing SAP systems.

“The Synomic team supported us in assessing and developing our critical initial Overcast Go-to-Market strategy based on software sales channels including assessment and introduction to potential partners. Synomic also helped us to implement our SAP Ecosystem strategy, and introduced us to initial target partners.”

Markus Stierli (Chief Executive Officer and Founder) Vigience


Workshare is a global leader in information security software used by organizations of all sizes to prevent data losses, improving document collaboration, and meet compliance requirements. Workshare’s content protection and document control solutions are used by 11.000 customers around the world. Workshare is backed by leading VCs incl. Steelpoint Capital Partners and Intel Capital.

“Synomic helped us to define our very first SAP strategy and also supported us in the execution. Ralf’s deep SAP Ecosystem knowledge and his broad network was Instrumental for us to become SAP certified and start leveraging the SAP Ecosystem for our goals.”

Brian Spector / Vice President Corporate Development / Workshare

Synomic Customers


Busines: Highly Secure Corporate Governance and Collaboration Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Ecosystem Strategy, SAP Integration & Certification, Go-to-Market

Bwise (acquired by Nasdaq)

Busines: Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Alliance Assessment and Strategy

Fluid Operations

Busines: Semantic Cloud, Data Center Management & Integration Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Strategy, Business & Corporate Development, Coaching


Busines: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions

Synomic’s Job: Channel Partner Assessment & Recruiting


Busines: Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

Synomic’s Job: Channel Partner Assessment & Recruiting

Jaspersoft (now part of Tibco)

Busines: Open Source Business Intelligence Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy

Parallels (now Odin)

Busines: (Cloud) Platform & Automation for Service Providers

Synomic’s Job: SAP Ecosystem and Alliance Strategy Development

Platinum Consulting Group

Busines: SAP Consulting and Forms / Data Entry Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Ecosystem Strategy & Go-to-Market

Ploin (acquired by Reutax)

Busines: Agile Business IT and Freelance Collaboration

Synomic’s Job: Founder coaching


Busines: Corporate Performance Management (APM) Solutions

Synomic’s Job: Channel Partner Assessment & Recruiting

SNP Germany

Busines: SAP Landscape Transformation Solutions

Synomic’s Job: Founder Coaching


Busines: Mobile Enterprise Apps

Synomic’s Job: Investor & Business Development Strategy


Busines: Open Source Compliance Solutions & Services

Synomic’s Job: Business Angel, Founder Support, Business Development


Busines: Spreadsheet / Excel to SAP Integration Solutions

Synomic’s Job: SAP Business Development