How to define your SAP ecosystem strategy – new 2 minute explaining video

Digital transformation does not exclude SAP partners! Watch this short video to learn how to define a winning SAP ecosystem strategy by combining Silicon Valley methodologies such as business & value proposition design with SAP community best practices like e.g. iterative process play books. More information

EWSECO 2017 – Best Pressentation Award Winners

Winner of the Best Presentation Award 2017 at the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems ( are: Alexander Eck and Benjamin Spottke from Deloitte Digital on: “Fake it till you make it: how to bootstrap an ecosystem before your company is ready for it”. Peter Buxman (TU-Darmstadt) from the EWSECO program committee and the happy winner.

IA4SP Zukunftswerkstatt 17.5.2018 in Heppenheim

Unter dem Motto: Digitalisierungsstrategie der SAP  findet am 17. Mai 2018 die zweite IA4SP Zukunftswerkstatt in Heppenheim statt. Was bedeutet die SAP-Digitalisierungsstrategie für die Partnerunternehmen und welche Risiken ergeben sich daraus? Was können wir tun, um unsere Position im SAP-Ecosystem zu stärken? Welche Chancen ergeben sich aus einer starken Position der SAP-Partner? Wo liegen neue… READ MORE »

European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO) in Darmstadt

The 6th EWSECO took place on Nov 23, 2017 for the first time in Darmstadt We once again had very interesting presentations and fruitful discussions between researchers and practitioners. We started with an overview of the “status and development of global and EU Software M&A” by Corum Group, followed by an “analysis of boundary resources… READ MORE »

EWSECO 2017 with Seeburger, Software AG, Synomic and many other = “where science meets business”

Meet us at the 6th European Workshop on Software Ecosystems (EWSECO) Nov 23, 2017 in Darmstadt :-) We will have many cool sesssions including this ones: The European Standard on eInvoicing EN16931 – Applications and Services to implement Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing by SEEBURGER AG Survival of the smartest: Digitalization of mechanical engineering companies… READ MORE »

Workshop and book @ SAP Connect 2017

SAP Connect Partner Summit was with more than 1,500 attendees the largest partner event for the German speaking region. We run the „How to find and implement new business models in  the  SAP Ecosystem“ workshop. For more information visit SAP Connect 2017 For more information on the SAP book please look here.   @SAP Connect

Book – Profit from SAP Ecosystem – available

New book „Profit from the SAP Ecosystem“ from Synomic founder and ecosystem activist Ralf Meyer Why a new  book? Thanks to over USD 23 billion in revenue, 355,000 customers, and 87,000 employees, SAP is the world’s third largest software company. The SAP ecosystem has the largest business software community worldwide, with more than 15,000 official… READ MORE »

Join Synomic session @ SAP Connect 2017 Partner Summit

SAP Connect 2017 is the partner summit and with more than 1.500 attendees the largest partner event for the German speaking region. The event is in Frankfurt from October 18th till 19th. Synomic founder Ralf Meyer will conduct a workshop on „How to find and implement new business models in  the  SAP Ecosystem“. For more… READ MORE »

Synomic created new book

„Profit from the SAP Ecosystem“. Will be available soon. The Book combines startup methodologies with SAP ecosystem best practices. Authors collectively worked more than 50 years at SAP and 250 years in the ecosystem. The Book: 370.506 characters 68.661 words 424 pages 173 figures 54+ SAP partner companies 40+ business model canvas 22+ SAP partnership… READ MORE »