Monthly Archives: July 2016

VersionEye adds more Microsoft (.Net) support

Open Source becomes more and more important – also for the  Microsoft Ecosystem! See e.g. Microsoft Spreads Open Source Love With .Net Core 1.0 The VersionEye team consequently added support for .NET Nuget and already monitors more than 70,000 open source projects from  all together more than 1 Million!  VersionEye can monitor project.json and… READ MORE »

Use Wikipedia to leverage Synomic Software Ecosystem Research

Parts of our Software Ecosystem research and definitions created together with our international academic and industry partners is also leveraged by The Wikipedia, see e.g. here: Business model an “abstract representation of an organization, be it conceptual, textual, and/or graphical, of all core interrelated architectural, co-operational, and financial arrangements designed and developed by an organization… READ MORE »

VersionEye keeps growing

with more than 150.000 Visitors in June 2016 reached Alexa Rank 38.000 has more than 25.000 registered users VersionEye is the Open Source Notification system with automatic notifications on new software versions for used open source components intelligence and gatekeeping of open source licenses fine granual security alerts only for components in use More information… READ MORE »

Digital Business Day – Results

watch the impressive  “Digital Darwinism – Movie” from my friend Karl-Heinz Land on “What happens when technology & society are changing too fast for companies?”  

Startup Heatmap Europe

Check out the  Startup Heatmap Europe by Thomas Koesters There is a lot of talk about which startup hub in Europe is the hottest – but no one ever asked the startups. Tom and his team Startup from Heatmap Europe surveyed founders directly and published today the first data-driven research to analyze the interesting question… READ MORE »