Synomic Academy

Partner Port in Walldorf
The Synomic Academy provides state of the art know-how from inside the software industry via books, videos and seminars.

Academy Topics include

  • Business models, software ecosystems and partnering strategies
  • SAP Ecosystem and partnering strategy development and implementation
  • Go-to-Market (GTM) in Germany and internationalization for software and cloud vendors
  • Market research, business development and partner channel building
  • Software and services sales strategies and virtual sales / account manager services
  • Legal aspects of the software business
  • How to create and protect intellectual property
  • Product management for the software industry
  • Partner Playbooks, SAP integration, certification, SAP EcoHub
  • Corporate development incl. venture funding and M&A
  • Special trainings for founders and software startups

Group and individual trainings are developed and performed by Synomic partners with 15 and more years domain expertise in the software industry.

Parts of our trainings are also available via the International Association for SAP PartnersIA4SP Logo.

Training location is mainly the Partner Port in Walldorf parts may be also available at the House of IT in Darmstadt.